Product Info

Brand new to the UK market - Liquor Whipped.

This revolutionary new product provides great opportunities for pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs to create unique and very unusual signature drinks and snacks.

Alcohol infused squirty " cream" - get creative, have fun - or just make lots of money with it!

This product will spice up anything you serve it on - made with 14% ABV 8 times distilled premium vodka and lip smacking flavours, Liquor Whipped is guaranteed to deliver all the results you could dream of.

How about a shot topping? There"s around 120 - 130 of them in a can.

Or a shot of Liquor Whipped with a plastic spoon - there"s over 70 of them in a can.

Add Caramel flavoured Liquor Whipped to steaming hot apple pie - who else does it but you in your area? A generous swirl on a dessert or on a cocktail - you"ll get 40 plus from a can.